About ⋆ The Old-Fashioned Mama



I’m Ouissi, a mama, eco-consultant, environmentalist, psychologist, activist, public speaker, writer, lecturer, mentor, auntie and friend.

Known for my red hair, my freckles, winged eyeliner, my inability to stop talking about the environment and a penchant for vintage clothing, mismatched patterns, The Good Life & early 1960s films.

I also have a serious weakness for gin, my garden, old faded books, composting, scrabble, wandering country lanes with my son and taking photos.

My son and I live in the beautiful Cheshire village of Knutsford, surrounded by friends and family, in our own little home full of inherited and thrifted painted furniture, books, photographs, plants and kittens.



Toby is my 10 year old Star Wars, karate & Monopoly loving son.

In his own words he is “a little bit big and a little bit small” and hopes, one day, to be as big as his 6’5″ Uncle Ben whilst working as an astrophysicist, an explorer and the inventor of the Light Sabre.

He also wants to be a Dad.

tom and barbara

Tom & Barbara

Tom and Barbara are our mischievous, and some would say naughty, black kittens. They came to us from the RSPCA after the death of our 13 year old cat last year and have brightened up our home ever since.

Their life goals are to permanently attach herself to our laps (Barbara) and be picked up, carried around and cuddled like a baby (Tom).

Barbara miaows for both of them as Tom can’t…he squeaks instead.