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I’m Ouissi, the original British felt confectioner, author, regular magazine contributor & writer.

Although this blog is new, I’ve been blogging since 2000 and so, in many ways, I am a truly retro blogger.

Known for my red hair, usually piled on top of my head in a bouffant or curled into victory rolls, my freckles, winged eyeliner and a penchant for vintage clothing, embroidered tablecloths & early 1960s films.

I also have a serious weakness for gin, my garden, old faded books, composting, scrabble, wandering country lanes with my son and taking photos.

My son and I live in the beautiful Cheshire village of Knutsford, surrounded by friends and family, in our own little home full of inherited and thrifted painted furniture, books, photographs, plants and lego.

my 2016 resolutions


Small Boy

Small Boy is my 7 year old Star Wars, karate & Monopoly loving son.

In his own words he is “a little bit big and a little bit small” and hopes, one day, to be as big as his 6’5″ Uncle Ben whilst working as a scientist, an astronaut and the inventor of the Light Sabre.

He also wants to be a Dada.



Hepburn, my teeny black cat, came to me as a tiny 6 week old ball of fluff and her presence in my life was completely and utterly unplanned.

Now, 11 years later, I cannot imagine life without her and, after years of running away at his approach, she is now Toby’s little shadow and playmate.

Her life’s dream is to eat tinned tuna 3 times a day and has spent years perfecting the art of tin opener detection. She gets very upset when Toby has beans on toast.