Our Ecological Christmas: How Did We Do?


Back in November Small Boy & I set ourselves the challenge of doing Christmas our way; thrifty and as waste free as possible. 25% new presents at the most with the rest made of secondhand, already owned or homemade..with no wrapping paper, sellotape or ribbon.

It’s Christmas Eve…how did we do?


Father Christmas is also going low waste and thrifty this year, after all he and Mother Christmas have all the children in the world to give to, plus Small Boy is convinced they are worried about the polar bears since they live at the North Pole.

This year Small Boy is getting 1 new present (a newly published book he desperately wanted), 14 secondhand, 6 already owned (including a set of much loved Harry Potter books) and his wooden castle hand-painted by the elves to look like Hogwarts. I intended to give him handmade Harry Potter felt figures but he asked if we can make them together in January so he can learn how…and how can I say no to that?

4.5% new; 64% secondhand; 27% already owned and 4.5% handmade.


We are giving the rest of our family and my best friend a total of 31 gifts between them, of which 5 were bought new, 5 were bought secondhand, 16 I already owned and 5 I made myself.

16% new; 16% secondhand; 52% already owned and 16% handmade.


All the Christmas Eve presents (socks for all and pyjamas for the children) have been rolled into cracker shapes and tied with compostable string and handwritten cardboard tags.

For his Christmas day presents Small Boy is putting out a pillowcase tonight, though it is unlikely they will all fit in so will have to spill over the rug!

The adults have got cotton shopping bags and my little nephews have their presents in plain cotton bags that Small Boy has personalised with pictures and their names. Next year he wants to decorate everyone’s bag.


Overall this Christmas our little family (with Father Christmas’ help) is giving 53 presents to 11 people: 11% new; 36% secondhand; 42% already owned and 11% handmade.

So 89% of the Christmas presents this year were thrifty and low-waste.

We did it!

Have yourself a thrifty mama christmas did we do it POST

May you all have a wonderful Christmas xxx

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