Our Ecological Easter


This year the Easter Bunny that visits our little home is wondering how to avoid the boxed, branded eggs that currently fill our shop shelves in favour of a simpler, package free celebration.

Luckily he has never brought gifts, just chocolate eggs and sweets.

And that does make it a little easier!

So with a little over a week to go here are my (or rather the Easter Bunny’s) plans:

star Small Boy & my younger nephews have enameled Easter buckets that we put out for the Easter Bunny. This year I’m planning on going to our village sweet shop to fill my cotton bags with loose pick’n’mix sweets and chocolates to then fill the buckets the night before. I may buy a loose small foil wrapped egg each as the foil can be recycled here.

star We’ve never had an egg hunt but last year I hid a few mini eggs round the lounge for Small Boy to find which he enjoyed so I may repeat it again next Sunday if the sweet shop has them in their pick’n’mix cabinet.

star Small Boy wants to make and ice biscuits with some of my collection of cutters and bake a cake so I’m thinking of teaching him to make a Simnel Cake…any excuse to make marzipan ;) Then we can take them to Easter lunch so we don’t eat all the biscuits ourselves and denude the cake of its marzipan balls…


star As I have done for the last few years I have been saving different coloured egg boxes to fill with sweets, chocolates and homemade biscuits before tying with scraps of ribbon and topping with stickers I’ve had for years. I give these to the more adult family members…the ones who sadly don’t have Easter buckets.

star Our village shops hold an Easter Hop on Easter Saturday and Small Boy and his cousin are already excited…their buckets will come in handy here as well no doubt. Face painting has been mentioned and I think I can do a bunny face with the make up I already own.

star Sadly the Easter Bunny doesn’t come with sweets for Mamas so I may have to squirrel away a few foam shrimps, dolly mixtures and rose creams just for me. Or maybe I’ll make myself up an egg box of my own..


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  • Reply March 30, 2018


    I love this, I’m still a million miles away but trying to take small steps in the right direction.

  • Reply January 9, 2019


    I love your egg boxes…what a wonderful de-consumerised idea….and prettier than any multinational can come up with ❤

  • Reply April 13, 2019

    Laura Eureste

    Where can we buy these adorable colored egg carton boxes?

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