Look after and Love what you own


On my Grandmother’s library chair, which sits in the corner of my bedroom, sits my childhood teddy bear. Big Ted was won at Knutsford May Day fair by my Nanna when I was 2 and was my beloved childhood confidant.

He is sewn into one of my childhood jumpers, a rainbow of coloured woollen stripes, wears a pair of Small Boy’s baby socks (the originals having developed holes themselves) and only a teeny patch of his original fur remains on his tummy.

He doesn’t even have a nose.

What he is now made of is dozens of small handsewn patches, applied over many years by my mother’s tiny stitches. Every time he developed a cuddle induced hole, Mother would cut up another scrap, one time a piece of her own worn yellow “fluffy duckling” dressing gown, and mend him for me.

He is, literally, made out of love.

Recently the napkins Little Sister and I ate with as children had finally wiped one too many little fingers and holes started to appear in their centres. So yesterday evening I sat down with my purring cat and patched them with scraps of mismatching fabric and brightly coloured thread.

Tonight Small Boy will wipe his mouth on the patches and I will be happy knowing that some things do not change.

What do you or your loved ones own that deserves a few patches?

look after and love what you own

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  • Reply January 21, 2016


    Being a collector of things that have seen their better days, I really appreciate the spirit with which you are preserving things and keeping them in your world, Ouissi!! My own dear Teddy is not quite ready for patches, but I am not dragging him everywhere and making him attend endless doll tea parties, like in his younger days. However, most of his fur has been loved off and it’s always a possibility that he will need them one day.

    Please keep doing what you do! I love it!


    • Reply January 21, 2016


      Thank you Betty ;) I have been asked for photos of my teddy so I may find out and put it in Facebook tomorrow! He is very threadbare though…xx

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