Toby Dearest…


My Dearest Toby,

Yesterday it was St Valentine’s Day, the day for those that we love.

And I love you.

For years I read far too much and imagined realities where my eyes met the love of my life over a crowded room. I just never imagined that I would see him in an operating room, tiny, blue and clinging to life.

Because you are the love of my life darling boy.

I hope one day you truly understand what that means.
That one day you look into someone’s eyes and feel totally and utterly content.

So tonight I will cover you in kisses and then, when you are asleep, I will sweep the hair off your forehead and put my hand in your chest to feel you breathe, all the while marvelling in the fact you exist; that you are not just a figment of my overactive imagination.

Then I will sleep and I will be content.

Because I am, and always will be,
Your Mama xx

Toby Dearest

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  • What a lovely post and such a sweet picture of you and Toby! I hope you both had a great Valentine’s Day and are seeing lots of signs of springtime in your world!


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