What do you do when you wanted to be Barbara Good but you grew up to be Margo Leadbetter?


When I was a child I loved “The Good Life”. I adored Barbara Good and dreamed of growing up with a garden full of pigs and a wardrobe of dungarees and flannel shirts.

But 30 years later I am fully aware that all the gardening and goats in the world will not make me into Barbara Good.

Because I am indisputably Margo Leadbetter.

Margo, with her bemusement about life, her dismissive eloquence, her love of gin & tonic and her complete lack of any knowledge about how to dress down.

Even my complete disregard for social climbing and what the neighbours think can’t save me from the comparison.

And I’m ok with that; as an adult I love Margo.

So I declare: celebrate your inner Margo; be who you are, not who you thought you would grow up to be, who you think you should be.

Though I’d still like Barbara’s dungarees, Tom and some chickens, thank you muchly x

Barbara Good

Margo Leadbetter

Margo Leadbetter

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  • Reply January 23, 2014


    Ouissi – your new website is grand and undeniably you. I adore this post – so sweet and honest. It’s all wonderful and your hard work shines through. Jac x

  • Reply April 4, 2014

    Nadia Marie

    I like this post! :) It’s quite fun!

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