Why it pays to share


There is an easy way to save waste, money, space and time.

By either sharing what you have with others or collaboratively making new purchases.

star You can share things that you don’t need every day. You could share a vacuum cleaner with a neighbour, garden tools with a family round the corner or tools with your family (Little Sister has a drill so none of the rest of the family have ever needed to buy one, it travels as needed). Next time something breaks or you need something you don’t have, instead of rushing out to replace it, could you see if there is someone who has one that you can borrow as needed? Or could you see if another person or a few people need that same thing so you can buy it together?

star You can barter within your community. I barter my sewing and alterations skills for things I can’t do myself. If you have a skill maybe there is someone you now who needs it, and they may have a skill you need too.

star If you a garden with growing space you don’t use, or don’t know how to use, there are probably people in your community or neighbourhood without space themselves who can use it with you, know how and can teach you in the process.

star If you have things that you don’t use, see if someone you know or someone nearby could use it. There are freecycle, freegle and other internet & local groups all over the UK and farther afield.

star Swap your children’s too small clothes for some that will fit from people you know with older children or set up a clothes swap in your local area.

star You could even share things that you wouldn’t immediately think would be shareable. I know someone who walks their neighbour’s dog regularly when they are at work. It gives the dog company and exercise, lets the owner know their pet is happy when they aren’t there and gives company for a dog lover without the time commitment that owning a dog demands.

why it pays to share

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